Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma! (and Me!)

Happy Birthday to my sweet, funny, smart, happy, adorable, blessing from God, Emma! You are such a great addition to this family, and I can't imagine life without you.  You are such a talker and impress everyone you meet.  You talk like a 6 year old.  You are so mature, yet you are hysterical!  You understand how to make a joke and you laugh at everything.  Your sister's and brother think you hung the moon, and you keep right up with them and everything they do. It's just going to be me and you at home now for a couple of years while the big kids are in school.  I can't wait to see what fun we are going to have this year!  I'm so proud to share my birthday with you, and more proud of the sweet little girl that you are!

We had Emma's party last night and some of our dearest friends came.  Everyone had fun.  Emma is truly a blessing.  I heard multiple people say last night that they just love Emma and think she is amazing.  Made a Momma proud.  She had the BEST time opening her presents.  One of my friends said we could win America's Funniest Videos. :)

She pick a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme party months ago.  We went to buy the party supplies on Thursday and she was adamant that it was all Mickey, not Minnie!  I had to convince her to buy some Minnie supplies since she was a girl.  :)

I think she had more fun than anyone at the party.  And that makes me happy!

My Mom took her around lunchtime so I could get ready for the party.  They went to Chick fil A for lunch then ran a couple errands.  Then my sweet mom picked up the big kids and kept them all until the party.  I love you Mom!

The Birthday Girl and Mom on their adventure

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

The cake

One of the few Minnie things I had to make her buy :)

goodie cups

Ready to open presents! (Isn't she adorable?!?!)

Soooo excited!

Precious girl

Blowing out the candles

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