Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Missing Summer Already

Just had to say it. Missing summer. :( I am usually ready for school to start and to get back into a routine each fall. But I wasn't this year. 

Maybe it's because we had a really short summer this year.  (Only 9 weeks)

Maybe it's because Lance took off every Friday in July and we had some great family time. 

Maybe it's because summer is lazy and I love not having to worry about bedtimes and setting alarms.

Maybe it's because Emma is so grown up this year and life is getting easier as the kids get older.

And maybe it's because I realized this summer just how fast they are growing up.  Luke turned 9.  I've had him 1/2 as long as I'm going to have him. Only 9 more years, then he's gone. :(

I miss summer.  I'm ready for Christmas Break already. :)


  1. I thought moms just got weepy on the first day of kindergarten but somehow I've managed to turn it into a yearly tradition. Some of my friends with older kids have encouraged me to do something fun and indulgent (Starbucks, a pedicure) the first day of school to give me something to look forward to.

    I miss having them in the next room all day. And I, too, realize just how fast their little childhoods are speeding by. I did the "how many years I have left with you" count this summer, too and may have panicked just a little!! Trying to remind myself to stay in the moment and not borrow any from the future but it's hard!!!

  2. Stephen King wrote about what he called pretty pony time. When you're a kid, summer lasts forever. Your pretty pony can run forever. As you get older the summer goes by quickly. Your pretty pony runs faster and faster and time goes by just as fast. Pretty pony time.