Thursday, August 25, 2011

That Boy of Mine

My precious boy.  We have been in school for a week and a half now.  Already, the past week and a half have been better than the past 2 years of school. :) We struggled in 2nd and 3rd grade with teachers that just didn't know how to handle Luke.  He has lived the past 2 years of school feeling defeated.  And so have we.  He doesn't fit "in the box." He is an active, energetic, curious, smart, loving handful. :)

We have taken some proactive measures this year to ensure that he is going to have a good year and not be punished for who he is.  And he was blessed with a GREAT teacher!  Someone who gets him and is thinking outside the box for ways to help him succeed in school.   He's always been a straight A or A/B student, but last year he got a couple of C's so we knew that we had to do something this year to nip it in the bud.

Here's a little insight into how his mind works...

That is a math assignment in which he was supposed to come up with 10 "rounding up or down" math equations.  He sat at the kitchen table doing it while I was washing dishes.  Every time he did a problem, he would look up and say something to me.  When he looked back down, he wrote the next equation.  They are all over the place!  No rhyme or reason to the placement on the page.  No order.  A little bit of chaos.  But done, and done well. 

God gave me that math assignment to understand my sweet, sweet boy just a little more.  His brain goes at lightning speed.  It's hard for him to process it all and contain it.  He's a little bit all over the place kinda like that math assignment.

He is an amazing boy. He is funny, loving, caring, sensitive, and loves the Lord.  I am so proud of him and pray that Lance and I can raise him into the man God wants him to be

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  1. I have a sweet boy who is misunderstood sometimes because his brain works in its own magical way. He's brilliant, but he really needs teachers who "get him" and are able to channel him in the right direction. We've been blessed with teachers who have capitalized on his strengths. It's too early in the year to know if this teacher will be the same, but I pray with all my heart she is. So glad you guys got a teacher like that this year. I know how much it helps your mama heart rest knowing you're sending him to safe place each weekday.