Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Day

Last night, the ice storm of the century hit Northwest Arkansas. We are some of the very few who still have power. Lance and I have been through an ice storm in 2000 (the year we got married) when we lived in Little Rock. But we didn't have any kids then and we had a wood burning fireplace. Now we have 4 kids, and no fireplace. (Well, not exactly. We do have a natural gas insert, but it stinks and we have huge living room and it wouldn't help at all to turn it on) So here we are, praying our power stays on. So many of my friends are without power right now, so we are blessed.

I made a big boo boo today. Last Friday is when I started this blog. That is also the day that Emma threw up so many times. Well, that is also the first day that she ate cereal with some formula. She is my first that hasn't eaten cereal at 4 months. I tried it, but she wouldn't eat it. Lance said that she just wasn't ready. Some babies are like that. I wasn't expecting it, but oh well, that was one less thing to have to add to my morning, so I wasn't too upset about it. So I tried it again Friday and she ate it. She also threw up 5 times about 2 hours later. Fast forward to today. I haven't tried the cereal again just on the off chance she had a reaction to it on Friday. I really didn't think she had, I really thought it was just a stomach bug. So Lance was at the hospital in the ice storm; I was at the house with the kids and I thought I would give Emma cereal again since we didn't have to be anywhere.

Soooooo, guess what happened? Yep, she threw up again. Carbon copy of Friday. Two hours after she ate it she started vomiting and did it for an hour. She didn't eat as much of it this time, so she didn't have as much in her stomach. Unfortunately, that means it was a lot of dry heaves. It was horrible. I felt so bad for her. Lance wasn't too happy with me for trying the cereal during the ice storm of the century. And he's right, it was a bonehead move. Moms of 4 make mistakes, too! The depressing thing about it all is that now we're looking at a milk allergy. I am praying it isn't that. I have close friends whose kids have milk allergies. It's not the end of the world, but it's really not something I want to live with.

Other than that, it was a pretty good iced-in day. The kids played well together, Lance was home at noon, we got several things checked off the honey-do list, and we had a great family game night with Wii and Hungry Hungry Hippos. Now everyone is in bed (Except Hope who keeps getting up telling us she needs to poop. That's her new thing to keep from going to bed.)
Lance is reading a magazine and we're watching American Idol on Tivo. Love me some AI!

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