Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, today has been a stressful but good day. Lance is on call this weekend and he was called to the hospital at 11:30 last night. He still wasn't home when the kids and I left for church at 9:15. It's hard to get up and get going on Sun when he's not here with us. One, I don't like going to church without him. Two, it's really hard to get everyone dressed for church, breakfast eaten, hair combed, bows in hair and out the door by myself. But it is always worth it when I make it to church when he's not with us. I feel a sense of accomplishment and victory. I'm in the choir at church and we sang a song today that we have sung before, but today, God really used it to speak to my heart. The song is called "God is here" and it talks of an annointing in the sanctuary because of God's presence. It also encourages us to cast our burdens on Him and let him take our heavy yoke from us. I don't have any "burdens" that I'm carrying right now like some of my friends do at this time, but I felt the Lord speak to me about laying the burden of trying to run my household and raise my children on my own and do it "the way it should be" on Him. I don't have to please anybody in this world but Him and I won't be able to do my job to the best of my ability if I try to do it without HIM.

Lance was sleeping when I called the house after church so the kids and I went to Wendy's for lunch. They were so amazing. It was like the Lord was telling me, "see, if you get your priorities right, I'll take care of them and your ability to respond to them in love." OK, I got it Lord! On the way home, Luke started asking me about how old the girls will be when he's 16. After a quick math lesson, he asked me about getting a car when he's 16. I told him we were planning on buying him one and he then asked me if I knew what he was going to do the day he got his car. When I said I didn't, he informed me he was taking Jessica out to dinner. Now you have to know that Jessica is one of my dearest friend's 21 year old daughter! He is convinced he is going to marry her! I have a ladies man on my hands!

Now, I'm getting the house picked up because my Granddad and his wife Edna are coming for a visit. They live in OK and he has a dr.'s appointment here tomorrow morning so they are going to spend the night either with us or my brother and his wife. It will be a good visit, but a little weird. My grandfather eloped this past May. His wife lived in CA. I've only been around her a couple of times. I'm not quite used to the idea yet. But she is a wonderful person and I look forward to getting to know her better. So that's today. Another busy day in the Faddis home. (are their ever any that aren't?!)

The older kids with Grandpa and Grandma Edna

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