Saturday, January 24, 2009

kids say the funniest things

Today has been a very busy day. Luke had his first Upward basketball game this morning. Lance is on call this weekend so he was gone EARLY this morning. He wanted to get there and get out so he wouldn't miss Luke's game. But that left me with getting all four kids and myself ready. The problem arose when I couldn't find Luke's jersey. After 20 min of trying to find it so I could wash it before the game that was at 10:00, I found it. Whew. And Lance did make it to the game. He's a GREAT daddy! I am so blessed to have a husband who makes his family his priority. Luke had fun. Then it was home for lunch and naptime. And naptime is the reason for the title of this blog. Luke and Sara were in our room watching a movie and Hope and Emma were sleeping. Luke came in the kitchen where Lance and I were and said, "Momma, are girls smarter than boys?" I told him no and asked him why he was asking. Then he said, "well, Sara said that the Bible says that girls are smarter than boys." After I quit laughing I assured him that girls weren't smarter than boys and he went back to the bedroom. I turned to Lance and told him it was so tempting to look at Luke and say yes, son. It says it in Sara 2:25! My kids are hysterical!

The rest of the day has been spent cutting the girls hair, buying a birthday present, getting Luke to a birthday party, going to pick Luke up, and figuring out where to go to eat tonight. (Sara's vote is for a mexican restaraunt we love called Maria's) Life is always busy around here. But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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