Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Day #3

OK, this is getting old! I'm all for a couple of snow days, but tomorrow is the 4th day out of school. The kids have been couped up in the house since Monday at 1:30. I'm about to lose my mind! Our power went out today at about 11:30. It wasn't too bad, actually. I know that I have my TV on too much during the days, but it really helps with my sanity. My kids have great imaginations, and play so well without TV, but it is nice to have some quiet in the house when they are watching a program. Today they played with the girls' kitchen again, we played board games, and they ran (and ran and ran) around the house. They have been in this house for waaayyy too long!

We did get out tonight to go to eat. We thought about spending the night with some friends who had power, but then decided to stay home instead. So we went to dinner with Jeremy and Leah (my brother and sis-in-law) and some of our close friends. They live right behind us and have a 2 year old. Rebecca and I decided we should have gotten together sometime this afternoon. She was feeling as stir crazy as I was and we both snapped at our husbands when they got home from work today. Adult conversation is a much needed thing when you have small children! Then it was a trip to Wal-Mart to let the kids run the aisles! It was stressing Lance out to have them loose in Wal-Mart, but they needed to walk.

The great thing is that the power came back on while we were out. The funny thing is that the kids were dissapointed. I had them all psyched to spend the night in our room and play games by lamplight. We found out Jeremy and Leah's power had never gone out, so we talked about spending the night at their house and the kids all yelled "nooooo!" They were really looking forward to the campout indoors. That is now probably on for tomorrow night. We'll just pretend we don't have power!

Hopefully it will continue to warm up and we can get out of the house during the day soon. I have missed my routine. Mondays and Thursdays are Mother's Day Out, Tuesdays are Bible Study, and Wednesday is AWANAS and choir. My family teases me that I'm not really a stay at home mom because I don't stay at home! The upside to being in the house all week is that we have gotten a lot of projects done! Several closets cleaned out and some more things organized! I told Lance tonight, maybe I should stay home more!

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