Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Internet Finally!

OK, so I was doing really good at blogging every night since I started this whole thing. We were so blessed only to have lost power for a few hours during the ice storm, but we lost our cable and internet on Friday and just got it back today. It has been hard. Not necessarily because of the cable. We have just watched some videos, played games and I've organized some closets that have needed it for sooooo long! But not having the internet has killed me! I got on Facebook a few months ago and I check it a few times a day. I keep up with my friends and "talk" to people I haven't seen in while. I've missed it! And I missed blogging! Go figure! Who knew I would get into this whole blogging thing? I have been waiting for the internet to be back on so I could write down some things that have happened the past few days.

The first day without cable, we had fun cleaning the house. It was hysterical. The kids were cleaning their rooms and I turned it into a contest. You want to know what the prize was for whoever got their room cleaned the fastest? Getting to scrub the toilet! It was hysterical! Luke won the race. He was so excited. We went to Lance and mine's bathroom and I helped him scrub the toilet. He loved it! Sara did a good job on her room so her second place prize was to help clean the mirror in the kids' bathroom. While we were cleaning the mirror, she said, "cleaning the bathroom is fun!" I told her I was going to remind her that she said that when she is 15!

Lance bought us the movie "Enchanted" during the cable outage. The kids and I were watching it yesterday after Luke got home from school. There is a scene in the movie where Giselle sings out a window in a NY apartment and rats, pigeons, and cockroaches come in a help her clean the apartment. I wish I could have taken a picture of Hope's face. It was hysterical. She was sucking her thumb and frowning at the TV. We call it the Kettron face. Kettron was Lance's grandfather. It is a funny face. She looked at the TV with that face and said "Ewwww Momma! Bugs!" I laughed so hard. She was so confused as to why bugs were helping clean the apartment. You had to be there to really appreciate it, but I wanted to remember it so I'm blogging it.

Emma is continuing to be such a sweet little blessing. I have wondered several times why God gave me three girls. I always thought I'd be a mom to boys. I was such a tom-boy growing up, I played athletics, I'm competitive, I'm blunt, I have always had guys friends. Totally thought I'd have boys. But God thought differently. I have loved having my girls. I'm so thankful for them. And today I felt God tell me why I have three girls. I am currently in a Beth Moore Bible study at church. We are doing her new study "Esther." It is amazing. I love Beth Moore. I haven't ever done one of her studies that I haven't loved. Today we were watching a video of her teaching on mean girls. She was talking about what defines a mean girl (someone who has no regard for other's feelings, who dresses provocatively, who has no respect for herself) and what is at the root of why a mean girl is a mean girl. She stated that meanness perceives a threat. We have to learn to identify the threat. That is what keeps us from being a "mean girl." Insecurity is at the heart of it all. While she was talking about it, I felt God tell me that this is why I have three girls; to raise them in a way that they are examples to the world of what a Godly woman is. How she treats people, family, her husband and how a girl is to dress that is hip, but honoring to the Lord. It is hard to put down in words, and really the main reason I am even writing this is for my own sake. So that I can remember it and not forget what God was telling me. I am humbled to be the mother of 3 girls who will look to me to model what a Godly woman is. It scares me. I want to live up to the calling. And I know that there is no way I will be able to do that without relying on God to guide me.

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  1. Hey Jenn,

    This is so awesome--I wished I was doing that study, just didn't work out for right now. We have had a problem with "mean" girls. I faced it when I was young, after my dad died, and there are days that Claire faces it. Keep blogging so I can keep up! You are an awesome mom--I've always wondered why I had all girls too, and feel the same way you do. I didn't have a godly example on how a godly girl/woman was to be, so I'm struggling through, trying to do the best I can--ALL because of God's grace and mercy!--so I can bring my girls along. That sure is missing in the world today. Keep up--you have me wanting to blog now!

    Lisa Bowden