Friday, February 20, 2009

Ahhhh, the Weekend!

I can tell you this is going to be a GREAT weekend. First of all, it HAS to be better than last weekend. Second of all, my in-laws are taking all three "big" kids tomorrow morning and keeping them until Sunday. We are going to go down for lunch after church Sun. and then bring them back that afternoon. Third, Lance isn't on-call!!!!! Tonight alone has the whole of last weekend beat already! The kids have missed Lance. He came home for dinner and then let the girls crawl all over him, held Emma, helped Luke with Wii Lego Batman and then had a lightsaber fight before bed. It's been a great night!

Luke rode the bus home again today. I think we've hit a winner! He is loving it and I am loving not having to get all the girls loaded to go get him every afternoon! I seriously don't know why I haven't been doing this all year! He got a "green card" today at school, so he was very happy. He has trouble at school being quiet and staying in his seat. But I can't get on to him too much. We all know where he got that from!!! We've implemented a new system at home for him. I have two jars. One with a smiley face and one with a sad face. I put $5 of nickels into each jar. Every time I catch him doing somthing positive or if he obeys immediately or has a good attitude, he gets to move a nickel from the sad face to the smiley face jar. On the other hand, when he doesn't obey, etc. he moves a nickel from the happy jar to the sad jar. When all nickels are in the happy jar, he has $10 to go buy a toy. I just started it yesterday, but it's working great so far. $ speaks to him!

Sara's skin is doing so much better!!! Praise the Lord! I can't tell you how many prayers have been said for that little girl. I'm hopeful that we've finally figured out what's wrong. Her hands are responding to the ringworm medicine and the rest of her body has calmed down since her hands have started clearing up. We are still praying that she is healed.

Hope is chugging right along! Still won't go to bed. I've been up 3 times already. This last time, Sara was asleep in their bed, and Hope had the light on sitting in bed reading books. That girl will be the death of me!

And it looks like Emma doesn't have a milk allergy after all. She still won't eat much solid food, but she is at least not spitting it out and tongue thrusting anymore. She had oatmeal with bananas this morning and it stayed down. No vomiting! Yea!

Go Faddis Family!

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