Sunday, February 15, 2009


Thank goodness it's almost Monday! Ever hear that one? This weekend hasn't been the greatest and now it's almost over! Woo Hoo! The kids and I had a good day. Church is always good. And the kids love C3 choir on Sunday afternoons. Luke told me when I picked him up that he tried out for a speaking part in their spring program. I am so proud of him! I hope he gets one. He will be so excited!

Hope, Emma and I went to Wal Mart while Luke and Sara were in choir. I am loving my times with her on Sunday afternoons. When I only have 2 of them, it's so much easier. I let her walk instead of ride in the cart. Sometimes she has pushed the cart. It's hysterical! She thinks she's so big. Tonight she was funny. She was running ahead of me and kept turning back to tell me, "follow me, Momma!"

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. The girls have MDO, but Luke is out for teacher in-service. He was awarded a free meal at Colton's for making all A honor roll the first semester. We are going to have a lunch date! He is excited. All of the kids love to have one on one time with Lance and I when they can. It's special for all of us.

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