Friday, February 13, 2009

Sugar High!

Tomorrow is actually Valentine's Day, but the sugar overload has officially begun! Today was Luke's Valentine's party at school. So much fun celebrating Valentine's Day with 24 1st graders! They were hyped up! I got a sugar high just looking at the cookies on their plates. So many parents brought cookies that we didn't even put them all out! Plus, they got candy from each other. It was insane. And then Lance's mom sent them a Valentine in the mail with 2 boxes of heart shaped candy. Oh, and the girls' Valentines parties were yesterday, so they have a ton of candy, too! Holy Moly!
It was fun being with Luke today. That is one of the reasons I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I have only missed one school party since Luke started school. And that was last year's Valentine's party when we were on our way back from Thailand. I love being there for all the kids activities. My parents came to all my basketball games when I was in school and it meant so much for them to be there. I want my kids to feel that special. That they know they are the most important thing to us!
Me and Luke at the party

Luke loving his party

Before I went to the party this afternoon, I was doing laundry all morning while the girls played. They had fun together today. TV wasn't on all morning and they just ran around the house laughing and playing dress up. One thing I wanted to remember them doing absolutely cracked me up. They had a Marty toy from McDonald's from the movie Madagascar. Sara would take it and hide it and then come tell Hope, "I hid it in..." and then they would run through the house yelling, "Maaaaaarrrtyyy!" and after a few minutes of yelling for him, they would run to where Sara had hidden him and start screaming and laughing for joy because they "found" him. It was so cute. They are the sweetest things!

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