Monday, February 9, 2009

House Hunting

Today after dropping the girl's off at MDO and taking Emma to Lance's office for a weight check (1lb. in 1 week!), I met my parents and brother to look at houses. My parents are moving here this summer!!!! As long as they can sell their house. They do have an offer and are waiting to for the buyer's financing to get settled. It is a solid offer, so they anticipate no problems, but it is taking longer than they expected.

They have been up a couple times now to look for houses. They have found 3 possibilities in a subdivision 5 minutes from our house. We are so excited! It will be so much fun and so much help having them so close. My mom asked me recently why I wanted them to move here. The fact is, I will always have a shopping buddy, Lance will have someone to work out on our land with, and they will get to go to all the kids' activities. I am so excited that they are going to be able to be around for the everyday happenings of our life. And the kids can't wait!


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  1. omgosh how great! i know you've been wanting this for a while now, and it's coming to fruition! :) btw, isn't blogging fun? :)