Monday, February 16, 2009

Lunch Date with Luke!

Here's the boy of the hour. On his date with his momma. He had fun. We ran down to Fayetteville before we went to lunch to return a pair of shoes of his. While we were there, we went ahead and bought the kids swimsuits. We like for the kids to have swimsuits that have swim shirts. We spend a lot of time at the pool and go to White Water in Branson a couple times in the summer. They are great for protecting against sunburns. Target always has really cute ones for the girls, so when I saw them out already, I snagged them If there is one thing I've learned since having kids, it's that when you see something you like, get it then. It won't actually be there when you need it. I've missed too many things waiting until it as actually the season to wear them to buy them. I will never understand why retailers put out things 3 months before the season.

Anyway, after we got the stuff at Target, we headed back to Rogers and to Colton's for Luke's date with Momma. He loved Colton's. He thought it was the coolest thing that you could throw the peanut shells on the floor. We don't eat peanuts or peanut butter in the house because Lance has a peanut allergy. So, Luke ate some of the peanuts, but they weren't his favorite. He never has developed a taste for them. He did enjoy throwing my peanut shells on the floor! :)He really loved being with me today. All of the kids like their one on one time with Lance and I. And we like it too. Hope and I have had our times on Sunday afternoons, Luke and I have had our date, now it's Sara's turn. I think we will have to plan a pedicure together sometime soon. We've done that once before and she loved it! And now it's getting close flip flop weather. I can't wait to get one with her. She loved getting nail art!

Once quick note about Emma. Lance's mom got her a tummy mat for Christmas. We broke it out today to try it. She LOVED it! It was so cute. She stayed on it about 20 minutes or longer. She just laughed and laughed. Here's one picture of her on it. I waited too long to get the camera and she was done with holding her head up all the way, but it's a cute face nonetheless!

OK, just one more thing! I actually had posted this blog and then remembered something Hope did today and I want to remember it. It was so precious and out of character for her. Something I would expect from Sara, but not necessarily Hope. Hope does anything her big sister does, but it's always Sara who initiates helping me clean the house. Well, today, I was sitting on the couch and I saw Hope at the kitchen table getting something off of it. I yelled her name and told her to leave stuff alone on the table and she said, "no, Momma, I cleanin up." I then realized she had some trash in her hand and she was putting it in the trash can. Then I heard her opening the fridge and something crashed to the floor. Once again I hollered her name as I was running to kitchen. When I got there I started getting on to her about getting stuff out of the fridge when I realized again that she was helping. She had gotten a tupperware container that had leftover spaghetti in it off of the stove top and was putting it in the fridge. She was standing there looking sad and I felt so bad for yelling at her and scaring her. I thanked her for helping and she proceeded to help unload the dishwasher and sweep the floor. It was so sweet! I love that girl!

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