Friday, February 6, 2009


I so love Fridays when Lance isn't on call for the weekend. Luke gets up easily on Fridays because he knows it's his last day of school, the girls have been to MDO the day before, so they have expended some energy, and I know that Lance will be home and we have him without interuption for a couple of days! Woo Hoo!

I've had some minor issues with my Tahoe lately. I had it in the shop Monday and had to take it back today to have 2 new tires put on it. I was originally planning on taking it in yesterday while the girls were at MDO, but decided I didn't want to spend both of my MDO days this week at the car shop! So, crazy me, I decided to go today after getting Luke from school. That is how much I treasure my MDO days, it was worth not giving both of them up and taking 4 kids to a car dealership instead! They actually did great. We drove through Sonic on the way and everyone got the snack they wanted. That occupied them for a while. And the guy at the dealership was so nice and rushed the guys in the shop to get it done quickly since I had all the kids with me. They were all very well behaved. And thank goodness the dealership had some toys they could play with.

Hope was so sweet while we were there. She needed to go to the bathroom, so I left Luke and Sara watching Emma in the waiting room while I took Hope to the bathroom. (now mind you, we know the owners of the dealership and there were adults in the waiting room who kept an eye on the kids!) Anyway, we passed the mens bathroom and Hope saw the potty and started to go into it. I told her that was the boys bathroom, not the girls. As we were going into the girls' and she was getting situated, she questioned me about the other bathroom being the boys' bathroom. I assured her it was and then she said, "I like boys. Lukie is my favorite boy." It was so sweet. She loves her big brother!

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