Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance!

I have the coolest husband in the world! Let me give you the backstory...We watch Dancing With the Stars every season. We love watching it as a family. At my brother's wedding this past summer, Sara was having her Daddy hold her in dance moves like she had seen on the show. It was so cute. Anyway, Lance and I love the show. He tried to get me ballroom dancing lessons for my birthday this year, but couldn't get it together in time. So for Christmas, Jeremy and Leah got Lance and I 4 ballroom dancing lessons. We were soooo excited. Today was our first lesson. Lance's parents took the kids after Luke's Upward basketball game today which was at 8:00 (woo-hoo!) so we had the whole day and night to do what we wanted to do!

Now how many husbands will go ballroom dancing with their wives. Not only go, but WANT to go and have fun while doing it?!?! Leah and Jeremy got us 4 lessons, but I think we will do more after the 4 are over. We had soooo much fun! Watch out Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas!

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  1. awwww, so fun!! Glad you all got some "me time" without the kiddos. I too agree, you have a pretty special guy. You need to take a video of your lessons...who knows, you might just end up on america's funniest home videos. i kid i kid!