Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We had a little storm move through this evening early. Some thunder, a little lighting, hard rain for a few minutes, and strong winds. The kids were out in the backyard playing. They came running in the house yelling, "Momma, a storm's coming!" We've had a few tornadoes in the past 4 years and have had to take shelter in our laundry room on more than one occasion, so the kids are a little skittish where storms are concerned. When they got in the house, I told Luke to run take a shower real quick. He got to our bathroom, undressed and then was peeking around the corner of the kitchen saying, "but Momma, you told us not to take a shower when it's lightning!" They were so filthy, they had to take a shower, so I ran in there and got all three in and out one at a time in about 5 minutes. FAST showers!

Emma is officially weening. My milk just hasn't been where it needs to be and she's not gaining weight like she needs to. That happened to Sara and we don't want Emma to lose as much weight as Sara did, so we're weening her now. Sara stopped gaining weight from 4-6 months, so Emma has made it longer than Sara did, but I fed Hope for a whole year, so I was kinda expecting to do that with Emma. The only thing we can think is that I'm just to stressed and it's affecting my milk production. I don't get to just sit and bond with Emma when I'm feeding her. It's always, "Hope stop!", "Sara! Get Hope!" :) I'm a little sad, but it will be easier with bottles because now Sara can help feed her too. She's still not eating solid food very well, but at least she's opening her mouth for a few bites now!

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