Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sweet Moments in Life

Kid's are so funny. All 3 of our oldest kids have very distinct personalities. One day recently, I asked Lance to describe our kids in one word. (I had already thought of mine) For Luke, Lance said sensitive and I said sweet. For Sara, "momma," and for Hope, "wild!" Hope is definitely our wild child. She's the one you have to know where she's at at all times. She has such a funny personality, but she also into everything, and destructive. (tearing pages in books, coloring on things she's not supposed to, climbing on the kitchen cabinet to get into the candy)

But this morning, she was so sweet. We had a storm go through last night and Sara slept on the floor of our room. (without us knowing! Lance stepped on her when he got up this morning!) After he stepped on her, she got in bed with me. After I got Luke off to school, I got back in bed to cuddle with her since she was still asleep. Hope came in a little bit later. She got up in bed and snuggled up with me. She's got a cough and started coughing enough that it started waking up Sara. When she saw that Sara was waking up, she started talking to me. The first thing she did was look at me and say, "Momma, you're the best momma ever." I almost cried, it was so sweet. Then she looked at Sara and said, "Sara, you're the best sister ever." It is those moments that make parenting the best thing in the world!

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