Monday, February 23, 2009

Sara's Turn

Since Sara couldn't go to MDO because of her fever, she and I had a Momma/daughter day! She was still running a low grade fever this morning, but she feels fine, so we made a day of it. She had some money in her piggy bank and wanted to go buy a My Little Pony at Wal-Mart. So that's what we did! She carried her purse and wallet and paid for it all by herself. She felt so big! Then we went to the DMV to get Lance's tags renewed. (had to get at least one thing accomplished today!) After that is was off to Olive Garden for lunch. She picked. She said she wanted salad and breadsticks. Yummy! We had gotten her some outfits for spring/summer at Wal-Mart, so we went to Old Navy to see what they had. She was so excited that she got to pick her clothes instead of "you buying them for me" to quote her! It amazes me how young that kids start having opinions about things like what they wear. Girls more so than boys.

My Sweet Girl!

After Old Navy, we went to pick Hope up at MDO, and then it was home for naptime. When Luke got home, they all had a lot of fun playing. No TV this afternoon, and they all ran around the house playing hide n seek and duck, duck, goose. It was fun to see them enjoy each other so much.

Unfortunately, Sara still has a fever, so we won't be going to Bible Study tomorrow. But, on the other hand, staying home for the morning does have it's appeal!

Here's Emma during the melee at the house. She can't wait to join them!

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