Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Busy Day

The day started out as sweet as can be. I've had my migraine all day again today, but not as severely as last night. Because I took some medicine for it last night that I can't take while I'm breastfeeding, I had to "pump & dump" this morning. So I had Sara give Emma a bottle of frozen breast milk. It was the sweetest thing. Sara is such a little momma. She has given a bottle to her once before. She is in heaven when she gets to hold Emma, much less give her a bottle. When Emma was only a few days old, my friend Sarah came and got Hope one day so I could settle in. Luke was at school. I had a really rough time with neck and back pain after her birth and was basically flat on the couch for the first week we were home, so I needed some help. Sara stayed because she is such a helper for me. I let her hold Emma and she held her for an hour on the couch and watched TV. If you had told me that I would let a 3 year old hold a newborn by herself on a couch and walk away from her (to put a load of laundry in) I would have told you you were crazy, but Sara was amazing. Anyway, she was in heaven again today getting to give Emma a bottle and did such a great job. Hope sat beside her and thought she was big stuff, too!

Sara giving Emma her bottle (and Hope helping!)

My girls!

Speaking of my friend Sarah, she is amazing. She told me yesterday that she wanted to take some of the kids for me on Thursdays. Lance works at our church's free clinic every other Thursday night which leaves me home with the kids. I totally don't mind and am actually very proud of him for doing it. But it does get hard being at home without him. Sarah took the two big girls this afternoon and brought them back at bed time. She's going to take Luke next week and alternate who she takes each week. She is my kids' second mom. They love her and her family and the Tutts love my kids. It is such a blessing to have them as friends.

Today was the 100th day of school for Luke. Evidently that is a new school holiday for schools. Last year and this year they have had projects involving 100 items and also have gotten to dress as a 1oo year old person. I forgot to take a picture of him this morning, but he looked cute. He had on dress pants that were too short, white socks, black dress shoes, a dress shirt and a sear sucker blazer, wore glasses, and we put powder in his hair to make it grey. He was adorable. He had fun, but said everyone kept calling him Clark Kent instead of an old man. He got kinda upset about it, because he was an old man! It was cute.

And finally, my little wild child (Hope) cracked me up again last night. She has been taking antibiotics for the past 10 days because of her strep. She's been a "big" girl and gotten her medicine out of the refrigerator every night and and the syringe out of the drawer. She went to do it again tonight and I had to tell her that she was done with it. She kept arguing with me that she needed her medicine and I kept explaining to her that she didn't have to take it anymore. She then frowned and looked at me and said, "You're being mean!" I said, "no, I'm not." and she said "Yes, you are, I'm going to spank you." and proceeded to spank me on the bottom with her hand. She was being funny and not serious or she would have been in trouble! She is a hoot!

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