Saturday, May 7, 2011

Farm Livin' Is the Life For Me!

So never, ever in my life would I have thought that I would do this...

That's me.  Driving a tractor.  Down the highway!  Hahaha!!  We did some landscaping at the house today.  My brother Jeremy drove Lance to our land and he got the tractor and drove it to the house.  I have to say, I laughed hard when he pulled onto the street!  It was just funny. :)  Lance bought a truckload of river rock to put in the flowerbeds in the backyard and he didn't want to move the rock wheelbarrow load by wheelbarrow load.  The tractor was great!

I moved several loads of rock to the backyard and when it was time to drive the tractor back, I told Lance I wanted to do it! I was laughing at myself, but had so much fun doing it! Ha! 

Lance posted this pic on Facebook and said, "Not the reason I married her, but one of the reasons I love her more every day." 

I'm turning into quite the farm wife!

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