Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Take 2

Yesterday was not a good day.  What a bummer.  Sara was sick.  She threw up every hour on the hour Saturday night.  So church was out yesterday.  Lance and I were exhausted.  The other 3 kids and I met my parents and brother and sis-in-law at a restaurant for lunch.  The company was great, but the experience wasn't.  :(  We had reservations for 1:15 and weren't seated until 2:15.  Ughhh.  And the kids were bouncing off the walls.  Happy Mother's Day to me.  :)

After lunch we went home then Lance and Luke headed down to his parents to get some hay and our chicken coop. They didn't get back until almost 10.  I barely saw Lance yesterday. 

I went to bed just wanting to get the day over with.  Such a bummer.  BUT...

Sara stayed home from school today.  We weren't sure how sick she was going to be.  Turns out, she ended up feeling pretty good.  So we had a girls day!  We dropped Hope and Emma off at MDO then had a day of it.  Last year I let Luke play hookie one day at the end of the year.  We went to a movie and out to eat.  I decided a while back that I was going to give my kids a "free" day each year.  Today was Sara's.

First stop of the day...

That is one of Sara's favorite things!  She's had a couple in her life.  And she got "nail art" on her big toes.  A big hit!

Happy girl. So good to see her smile after the past weekend.
 Then tonight while the boys were at Cub Scouts, the girls and I did this...

Hair bows!

Now, because of Hope's new hairstyle, we needed some new hair accessories.  :(  Sara and I went by Hobby Lobby today and bought all the necessities and made 14 hair flowers and boa barrettes.  They are so excited.

So today is what I had hoped yesterday would have been.  Fun with my kids and a good time with my family.  

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