Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you! Hahahaha!

I heard about this "holiday" last year and thought it was hysterical! I had totally forgotten about it until I saw a few friends on Facebook say something about it.  I have to admit that I wasn't in the best of mood today (see last post!) to do anything festive but then the Lord convicted me that I can't punish my kids forever with my bad mood and withhold my affection from them. (although that's exactly what I wanted to do)

So I decided to do something fun.  A friend posted some pics of a lunch she did for her kids to celebrate "Star Wars Day."  So I stole a couple of the ideas. 

When Luke got home from school, I told him Happy Star Wars Day! and he just looked at me with a confused expression.  Then I said, "May the Fourth be with you!  It took him a second but then he got it and started grinning from ear to ear! He thought it was hysterical!

We ran to the grocery store and got the supplies for dinner...

Yoda Sodas and Jedi Knight Pizza Bites!
 Love it!  The Yoda Sodas are lime sherbet and sprite.  Then just totinos pizza rolls.  The kids LOVED it. :)  Next year I'll try to remember to do some decorating.  Ha!

Tonight we had AWANAS awards ceremonies.  Hope and Sara completed their books and Luke got a participation award.  He didn't quite finish his book.  And poor Emma couldn't get up with her class because she was sick.  She was upset, but she still got her certificate and cup filled with candy! :)

This was the best pic I got of Emma.  Bless her heart. :(

Hope was soooo proud!

Love how she was holding her award :)

Luke moved so fast I almost didn't get a picture of him!

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