Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Just Hair, Right?

Yesterday was a day I could have lived without.  Poor Emma has been sick since Sunday.  Pooping all the time and then yesterday she started throwing up.  I swear she threw up at least 20 times.  She couldn't keep anything down.  She was soooo pitiful. 

The kids got home from school and I was exhausted from taking care of Emma all day, then the day got a whole lot worse.  Luke went out to the garage to throw something in the trash and tripped and fell into the chickens, bent the wire on top of the chickens, and shattered the heat lamp.  So that added to my stress.

Then I went to my bathroom and saw a disinfectant wipe in my toilet.  Turns out Luke decided he wanted to use a "handwipe" but several came out when he pulled them and he thought he'd flush them down the toilet.  I used tongs to grab the wipe and it was like a dadgum magician's scarf!  There were at least 15 wipes all attached stuffed down the hole.  Add a little more stress.

Then this happened...

That's what put me over the edge.  :(

I immediately started bawling.  I was so hysterical that when I called Lance to come home, he thought something had happened to one of the kids.  I know it's bad that I reacted so strongly, but I just couldn't handle any thing else then I saw that.  Sara won a prize at school and picked some "slime."  Evidently they were all playing with it and Hope got some in her hair.  Luke tried washing it out with water and combing it.  When it didn't work, Hope told him to just cut it out.  And he obliged her. 

I cried for so long that I got a headache.  It was not a good day.  Today, we went to a girl I know that works in the salon I go to.  She was sweet enough to let us come out to her house so she could try to even it out some.  It didn't help much, but at least blends in some now.

I've been able to laugh a couple times today about it.  I know that it's just hair.  And there are FAR worse things that could have happened. And all my kids are healthy, and it's just hair.  It will grow back.  But on the day I had yesterday, it was just more than I could take. :)

So, Hope will be living in headbands for a while. Ha! And hopefully she (and her brother) have learned their lesson.  (I think Lance made quite a lasting impression on Luke!)

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  1. I'm just now reading it.'ve been through the ringer lately. I would have acted the exact same way. Crazy kids!