Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Luke!

Luke.  My firstborn.  How have 9 years come and gone???  You are the person who showed me what it is to be a mom.  Who showed me what a mother's love is.  I never knew I could love someone I didn't know as much as I loved you when you were born. 

You have grown into a wonderful young man.  You are a fun loving boy! (too much so at times! ha!) You are so tender hearted towards others.  Even  today, you offered up your $2 to Hope for games at Mad Pizza when Hope lost her money.  You are friends with everyone you meet. 

You love the Lord and share your faith openly.  I have never had a prouder moment than when a teacher at your school told me that you quote scripture to friends and that you share your faith.  That, son, is the most important thing.  Keep the Lord first in your life, and He will bless you abundantly.

I love you, Luke.  You are a light to your Daddy and me.  We are so proud of you.  Happy 9th Birthday!!!

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