Friday, June 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

Holy Cow! It's been almost a month since I've blogged!  I think that's the absolute longest I've gone.  It's a testament to how busy things have been the past few weeks.  I really wanted to blog all the events separately, but that's just not going to happen and today is a special day that deserves it's own post so I have to catch up to today all in this post!

1) Sara and I had a couple fun days together.  First, she was getting over a stomach bug and wasn't able to go to school, so we had a girls day!  Pedicures, lunch and a stop at Claire's. Then a couple days later we went to a Naturals game on a field trip.  It was a little crazy, but a lot of fun!

so much fun!

love that girl!
2) Luke participated in the 3rd grade wax museum.  He was Orville Wright.  He LOVED it!  I was so proud of him.  He took it so seriously.  The entire 3rd grade picked a person in history and then looked up facts about them.  They had to memorize their speech. Then the all the other grades and parents came around to the 3rd grade hall to visit the wax museum.  You would "push" a button in front of them and they would come to life and give their speech and then return to their wax state.  It was really cool!  a GREAT way to learn history and have fun doing it.

Orville Wright
3) Lance and I had the BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. Our good friend Erin got marriend in Nashville so Lance and I took a long weekend getaway to go to her wedding! We had the best time!  There is no way I could sum up our weekend in a paragraph, but it was such a wonderful time for us to just getaway from being parents and just be two people in love.  :) 

Self Portrait! Ready for the wedding!

Us and the newlyweds! Love them!

Can't even begin to tell the whole story of the afterparty at Hard Rock with Third Day and Tenth Ave. North! Awesome!

Me and Mac Powell! (Took this one for Luke!)
4) Luke and I went on a field trip to a fish hatchery and state park in MO.  It was a great field trip! The kids learned a lot and also got the chance to play and be kids.  I want to go back as a family. :)

Love that boy!

I was so proud of him! He was one of only a couple kids who knew how to fish!

Love this pic!
5) Hope "graduated" from pre school.  She was so excited!  It's all she talked about for days.  :)

Absolutely LOVE that girl!
6) Luke had his crossover ceremony with Cub Scouts.  He's officially a Weblos now.  The special treat was that Lance surprised everyone by dressing up in his Indian stuff that he wore when he was in Boy Scouts and and Order of the Arrow.  It was awesome!  Besides his salvation, I've never seen Luke so serious about something.  He really got into the ceremony.  I was so proud of him.
Look at Luke's face.  So serious!

It was so cool!

Me and my boys. :)
7) Luke and Sara had field day at school.  It was soooooo cold!  Who would have thought???  But they had fun. :)

8) Lance's brother and his family came in from CA and all the Faddis clan spent the weekend in Branson for Memorial Day.  We had a blast!

My American Cuties!
OK, so that catches us up on the highlights! Whew! Longest post ever!

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