Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brave Girl!

I got to go to the creek tonight! :) We met Lance's cousin and his family at the creek for a cook out and swimming.  It. Was. So. Much. FUN!!  Cold!, but fun!   We cooked hot dogs, went off the rope swing, swam, caught crawdads, and had a blast!

I went off the rope swing twice. Much to my kids delight!  Luke went off of it several times.  Sara jumped off the "cliff" a couple of times.  It's about 6 feet off the water, so it was a big deal for her to jump by herself! I was a proud momma.

But to top it all off and make me an incredibly proud momma, Emma jumped with Lance!  Well, he held her as he jumped, but that is a scary thing for a 2 year old!  And she asked him to do it.  Then got out of the water, walked to the top and asked to do it again! 

Enjoy!  She's just toooo dang cute!


  1. Precious girl with her eyes squinched shut!

    But my favorite part of the video? Cheerful mom saying, "You ready? Get set?" Don't Let My Baby Get Hurt mom saying menacingly, "Be careful." The change in your tone of voice there cracked me up.

    I'm the same way. When my kids do daredevil stuff I'm equal parts proud/terrified!

  2. I love your nephew(?) trying his hardest to get that wedgie out! Ha!