Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun Afternoon in the Sun

It has been so HOT lately! We had swimming lessons for the first 2 weeks out of school and then VBS last week and it was a good thing. It was way too hot to go outside and play. We haven't been outside in 3 weeks really. I've missed it and I know the kids have. So this afternoon, we went in the front yard and played for a couple hours. The kids had a blast. I think they got every bike, scooter, big wheel and sidewalk toy out! I was proud of Luke. Sara was racing Hope on the sidewalk. Sara was on the big wheel and Hope was running in the grass. Then Luke joined in on his bike on the road right beside the sidewalk. He would wait for Sara to get going on the big wheel before he would start on his bike and then time it so they would finish at the same time and yell "TIE!" He was being so sweet!
Emma loves being outside!

Sara is quite the artist!

Hope loved sidewalk paint

Luke and his scooter

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