Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just Another Day

Lance has been using the computer for work the past few nights, so I haven't been able to blog. I like doing it at night because I want to make sure I don't miss anything that happens all the way up until the kids go to bed. So now I'm playing catch up!

Emma is changing so much right now. She is finally beginning to really eat table food. After she took her first real bites the other day, I've given her something solid at every meal. The past two days, we've had pancakes and she loves them! She also does well with Veg-All. Gross I know, be we season it and she likes it. Especially the carrots. She also is starting to take off on her walking. She will walk quite a while holding both of my hands, but now is wanting to just hold one of my fingers. She's getting daring! We have a hippo walking thing. We got it for Sara. It has a handle and gives a little resistance to pushing so it won't roll out from under her and she did that across the living room floor today.
Luke helping Emma walk (he is really getting into the big brother of a baby thing!)

She is also starting to give up her morning nap a little bit. The problem is, she really can't go all the way to her afternoon nap, but I refuse to let her take a late morning nap, because EVERYONE either takes a nap or has rest time (AKA: leave Momma alone time!) after lunch. Emma really would go down around 11-11:30 but we eat lunch around noon and then naptime, so I'm making her wait. This was her 2 days ago after her noon bottle...
And no, she's not praying! She's dead asleep!

I woke her up to feed her some fruit! (I couldn't get to my camera fast enough to get one of her actually eating from the spoon with her eyes closed!)

And this was her yesterday after her noon bottle!
Am I mean or what?!?!

Normally Hope takes a nap too and Luke and Sara go to my room to watch a movie. Yesterday, I was a softy and let Hope watch the movie with them. I had to head to my bathroom and when I opened my bedroom door, this is what I saw...

My heart just swells!
Last night, Luke got to be Daddy's helper. Lance had to go get a horse of ours that was injured at his parents' house and move it to our place. It took a long time and it was 10:00 before they got back to the house. Lance's mom and given Luke something to eat while he was there, but Lance hadn't eaten anything. They both were sitting at the bar eating spaghetti and Luke thought he was hot stuff! He was talking so big. There's a man that helps Lance's dad on their farm and he came with James up here to help Lance get the horse settled. Luke was sitting there eating and he said, "Momma, Mr. Larry helped us. I'm getting used to Mr. Larry being around." Just like he was 40 and trying to carry on a conversation. I don't know why it struck me as so cute, but I just loved how he felt as big as the grown ups and was proud of himself for "helping" his Daddy!
My Boys! (I guess Lance was too tired to smile! Ha! He's normally not that scowlly!)

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