Friday, July 3, 2009

Holy Cow!

OK, so when you have a family of six, packing just to go away for 2 nights might as well be for 10! There is soooo much to pack. It's 12:30 and I'm just about to go to bed and then get up in the morning and finish before we leave. My grandmother's (mom's mom) family has had a family reunion on the 4th of July for around 40 years. I have grown up doing the "4th" all of my life. I seriously think I have only missed it maybe 3 times my whole life. It is so cool that now my kids look forward to the 4th.

This year we're taking the camper. I don't necessarily want to camp every year, but I grew up camping down at the river for the 4th and want my kids to have that same experience. They are so looking forward to it! Hope has asked for 2 days if we're going camping today. Tonight, I was bringing some extra pillows in from the camper and she thought I was taking them out to it. So she went and got some decorative pillows off of our bed and put them by the door and told me that she got pillows for camping. She is so ready to go!

So, I'll be gone for the weekend, having a blast with my family, and enjoying the 4th of July. Happy Birthday America!

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  1. Just blog hopping and enjoyed reading yours....I love making new blog friends and love looking at all the different blog designs.