Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Wii Bit of Fun!

I was so worn out this evening. I had a babysitter come watch the kids for a couple hours so I could run some errands to get us ready for my family reunion this weekend. It's been hard this summer trying to get things done with all 4 kids at home. I'm used to Luke being at school and have 2 days a week with the girls at MDO to get things done! The past 3 weeks have been a challenge!

So I ran several errands, and worked on the house some when I got back. I was worn out after that. Unfortunately, when I get run down, I get cranky. That doesn't bode well for the kids. So, I was a grouch this afternoon. I felt badly about it and wanted to make it up to them. Lance was at a meeting and wasn't able to be home this evening, so after dinner, the kids and I did some Wii bowling and cow racing! They had a blast. Sara surprised me and did GREAT. She placed 2nd in bowling behind me. Luke was not happy. :) And Hope cracked me up screaming for joy whether she hit the balls or guttered!

Sara and Hope cow racing. Hope is determined!

Luke and Sara cow racing

It was a fun night with me and the kids. I just wish I could relax and enjoy more of those. I said a prayer asking for forgiveness tonight and I know that I have to turn myself daily, minute by minute over to the Lord and allow his peace to flow through me and to my children. I fail miserably at it every day.

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