Friday, July 24, 2009


Lance and I were at Wal-Mart on our date the other night. It's always nice to walk through Wal-Mart without having to say, "come here," "put that back," "stop!" While we were there we passed by the electronic section and they had a wall of movies for $3!! Cheap! We looked through them and saw Shrek 2. We thought the kids would like it, so we got it. It's been their favorite movie lately! Go figure! The funniest thing is, Sara loves it more than anyone! I think it's because it's about people being in love and a ball! Ha!

Anyway, in the bonus features, there is "Far, Far Away Idol." They got Simon to voice over his character and all the characters sing songs that fit their personalities. That is Luke's favorite part. And his favorite one is Prince Charming singing "I'm 264 my shirt!" HAHAHA!!! When he first started singing it, I told him we need to change the word to "cool." (I didn't think my 7 year old needed to be singing "I'm too sexy for my shirt!") I didn't realize at the time he thought the words were 264!!!! It's hysterical! Now I can't stop him from singing it, because I laugh so hard! Lance's mom and sister heard him sing it Saturday and my parents heard him tonight. It gives us all a good laugh!

Today the kids played on the waterslide all day. They were in and out of their swimsuits 3 times. They had a picnic lunch outside and loved every minute of it! Mom and Dad came over late in the afternoon to watch them play on it. I usually keep Emma in the house with me and let her stand at the screen door to watch the kids. But when Mom went out, she carried Emma out with her. She sat on Mom's lap for quite a while, but she finally had enough. She's never sat on grass before. Here was her reaction...

It was hysterical! She tried to keep every part of skin in the air! She finally relaxed and started crawling around, but she sure didn't know what to think of it at first!

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  1. Luke's 264 version is hysterical!!! I love it!