Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet Rufus!

Lance has wanted a bloodhound for ages. He thinks they are the coolest things. I have shot down the idea of getting one several times. I lost today! haha!
The lab tech at Lance's office has found him one on multiple occasions. I just found out today that she found one right before he left for Haiti, but he told her that he couldn't leave me with that responsibility while he was gone. (thank you honey!)

He called me today while I was out running errands. He had that tone in his voice. The tone where he knew he was asking me something I wasn't going to be keen on. :) But as you see, we have a new dog. ha!

He is 11 months old and was at a home that was also a daycare. He's been around kids since birth. They needed to get rid of him because the yard wasn't big enough. (translation, the poop was too big with all the kids!) The best thing is he was free!

Kay and Randy went to pick him up this afternoon and are going to keep him for us this week while we are camping. They brought him over tonight so we could meet him. We told the kids that we had a surprise for them. They about fell over themselves when they saw him! It was so cute. And Lance's face was priceless! From the time Kay called to say they were on their way to the house, he looked like a kid at Christmas! I'm glad he's so happy. :)
Oh! And he is an OUTSIDE dog! The one and only time he will be in the house was tonight!

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