Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break Recap

Well, there are too many pictures from Spring Break to put them all in a blog. We had a blast! Even though the weather was horrible! It was cloudy, rainy and cold all week, but that didn't stop us from having fun! One thing I want to pass on to my kids is to look at the cup half full. Make the best of whatever situation you're in. Most days, it was just dreary and chilly, so we just bundled up and played outside all day. The one day that it rained almost all day, we went to A to Z and spent the day. Which the kids loved too!

There are too many things I want to remember to write them out in paragraph form, so I'm bullet pointing the highlights!

* Teaching Hope to finally ride her bike! She went around the loop a hundred times. I was so proud of her!

* Luke making friends all through the campground and riding bikes with them and playing baseball with the kids. He didn't spend much time with us unless we made him. :) He was loving the freedom to make friends and play with them.

* Sara enjoying the freedom of riding her bike around the loop by herself. :) She felt so grown up!

* Emma telling Lance as he was walking off to see the kids, "Bye bye Dada! Mwaaaah!" (blowing a kiss)

* Luke wanting a baseball glove, bat and ball. He was intent! We went to WalMart and all the kids got to pick out an outdoor toy.

* Sara wanted a soccer ball. When you ask her if she wants to play soccer, she's quick to say no. But she loved kicking the soccer ball around and she's good!

* Hope wanted a bat and ball like Luke. She wouldn't have anything else! We found a pink plastic bat and plastic softball and she was in heaven!

* When we were at A to Z, Luke found wall mounted set of boobs! I tried to hide them when I saw them. He was like a magnet to them when they caught his eye! I about died! They were kinda like that singing fish that you hang on the wall. They jiggled to music. It was soooo tacky, but the grin on his face said it all! He knew it was funny but inappropriate! hahahaha!!!

* Lance had planned a scavenger hunt before we ever left. He got some quartz and fools gold and a bunch of change that we had at the house. One morning he went out early and hid the treasure bag. He made a map with a secret code that Luke had to decipher. When Luke figured it out, the kids and some friends set off on their adventure. When they found the treasure, you would have thought it was real! Everyone got to buy a drink from the Coke machine with the money.

I LOVE my family and I LOVE raising my kids going camping all spring, summer and fall. The memories we are making are priceless.

Luke and I playing catch with the velcro pads and tennis balls

Lance and Emma

Sara on her bike :)

Hope mastered it!


  1. Love the pictures - we have a camper too! I love it! It makes family time so nice!

  2. Sounds like so much fun. I hope to go camping with my family as well. I grew up camping all the time at Devils Den with my parents! Where do you go camping at?