Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Today was Luke's first Pinewood Derby. He and my Dad spent this week building his car. He picked a tank design and named it Luke's Tank. He got 2nd place in the Most Unusual category. Which is pretty cool. I'm proud he was recognized for his originality!

Posing with his car and ribbons. Love that smile!

After the derby (which took a lot longer than I thought it would!) Mom took me and the kids to the Sr. Adult Wellness Center for an Easter Egg hunt. The wellness center is for seniors and has an olympic pool, aerobic pool, indoor and outdoor tracks, pool tables, library, conversation areas, offers different classes and is all for $25 a year! It's a really neat thing in our area.

The kids had fun. There weren't many eggs, but the Easter Bunny was there and some older school aged kids did a magic show and they had a free lunch. And the weather was absolutely perfect!

Luke with the Easter Bunny

The girls. (Emma wouldn't have anything to do with him!)

After the hunt, I took the big kids to Lance at our land. He was planting a lot of trees that he got the other day from the forestry service. They had the best time just running all over the place. They were out there for 4 hours and weren't ready to come home when I went and got them.

When we got home, everyone had a shower and then we made homemade pizza! Luke, Sara, and Hope had their own personal pizza and got to make it however they wanted. They loved it! For whatever reason, it's the first time we've ever done it. It will definitely be a regular thing from this point out. :)

While we were waiting for the pizza to cook, we decorated eggs. It was so much fun! I found the coolest thing at WalMart to decorate eggs this year. You put your egg in it, drop a few drops of dye, close the lid and then push down on this big button and it spins the egg around and around and the egg is colored! Too Cool!! No mess and the kids loved it! Even Emma could decorate them!

Hope wanted to do one with her Daddy :)

Luke had to strike a pose!

Emma getting in on the action!

Sara making her piece of art

As I type this, all the clothes are ironed, play clothes ready for the grandparents' houses, baskets done, breakfast casserole made for potluck at church tomorrow, and I'm ready to go to bed. I can't wait for tomorrow.

HE is RISEN!!!

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