Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tech Geek

Today passed in a whirlwind. I didn't have time to stop and sit down until 8:30 tonight after all 4 were snug in bed. Church, home for lunch, laundry, back to church to drop Luke off for early choir practice, drop the girls at some friends' house, tour the new church building, go pick up the girls, take them to choir practice, evening service, meet Lance at a restaurant for dinner, home to put kids in bed, couch. Whew! I'm tired all over again!

Lance was at the hospital this evening, so it was just Luke and I at the evening service. The girls were in childcare. Right before the service started, Luke asked me if he could sit with Mr. Brian in the sound booth. He had asked Brian (our church media guru!) once a while back if he could go up there sometime. Brian had told him he could and this is the first evening service we've been at in a while. I texted Brian and asked him if Luke could. He said sure.

It was soooo cute. I kept looking over to keep an eye on him and he was in Heaven! He went from behind the camera, to the computers, to the sound board, to Brian and back to the camera. I had told him not to touch ANYTHING and he didn't, but you could tell he was dieing to! At one point, he had a headset on! haha!

Mr. Big Stuff behind the camera!

At the end of the service, I went to get him while our pastor was leading the invitation prayer. When I got to the booth, Luke was in the orchestra pit giving our worship pastor a mic! Evidently Mark (who is a dear friend of ours) had been in the booth and left his mic when he went up to the stage to lead the invitation song. (he was just going to use another one) Luke saw the mic, and before Brian could stop him, he ran down the aisle to give it to Mark who was already on stage! Thank goodness it was during the prayer! He thought he was so grown up!

On the way home, Luke said, "Momma, when I grow up, I want a job like Mr. Brian's. It's exciting." Thanks Brian! I owe you one!

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