Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bless His Heart!

So the other day, Lance took Luke with him to his parents'. Lance was working with someone on cutting some boards out of some logs on his parents' property for out barn. Lance loaded Luke's new bike in the truck and Luke was loving riding all around the farm. UNTIL...he was riding down in the field. Lance told him to stay away from the creek, but other than that, he was limitless. The problem was, he didn't see the mud bog until he was stuck in it. Now picture this: Luke has on Crocs and a red t-shirt. He gets off his bike and sinks to his knees in mud. There goes his shoes. He tries to get them, but at that moment, he looks up and the cows are heading to him to check him out. Remember he's wearing a RED shirt! He freaks out, takes off his shirt, runs barefoot as fast as he can to Lance, leaving his bike in the field. He was scared that the cows would charge him because he's wearing red.

Poor boy, and then his Daddy got on to him for losing his shoes! haha! He had a rough day!

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