Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cookies Anyone??

After much thought and deliberation, I signed Sara and Hope up for Girl Scouts this year. I really struggled with adding another activity to our schedule, and I wasn't really sure how I felt about Girl Scouts. But I knew that it was something they would both enjoy. The selling point was that we only meet every other week! Score! 

Sara has several friends that are in scouts and she has wanted to do it since last year. Unfortunately, she couldn't be in the same troop as her friends. They are a troop of Brownies and Hope is a Daisy and I needed them to be in the same troop. But, we found a great troop and both of the girls are making new friends and having a lot of fun. And that makes it all worth it. :)

And so begins their soiree into free enterprise! Ha! I have 2 cookie salespeople living with me. We went to a district kick off event tonight. It was an "almost" sleepover!

Aren't those the 2 cutest Girl Scouts you've ever seen??? :) They wore their pajamas; brought their bean bag chairs, American Girls, and blankets and had a blast. 

We had one not so great part of the night, but God used it as a teaching/learning experience for the 3 of us. Unfortunately, the movie that was selected for the event was Troop Beverly Hills. Because of the title, I can understand why it was picked, but someone really should have previewed it before showing it to 6 year olds and up. :( We're pretty conservative in what we let our kids watch. Not fanatical, but we do have a problem with movies that use course language, speak in sexually explicit overtones and have kids speaking disrespectfully to adults. And this movie had it all. :( 

I had to make the choice to leave the movie. Sara totally understood when I explained to her that I didn't think the movie was appropriate. She was sensitive to the fact that the kids and adults were "sassy" and she picked up on the fact that the troop leader in the movie was smoking all the time. Hope was a little more clueless, but when we talked about it later, she was able to point out some things that were inappropriate.

We went to get ice cream instead and they were awesome about leaving and not throwing a fit. I was really proud of them. The best part of it all was that God allowed me a "real life" example of doing what is right even when those around you might not be. 

Several of our friends in our troop and in other troops also left the movie, but there were so many kids and parents that didn't. It was such a great conversation on standing up for your values and doing what God wants you to do even if it isn't the popular thing. I pray that my girls always care more about what God thinks than what those around them think.

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