Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Proud Momma!

Like the post says, I am a PROUD MOMMA! Emma and I went to Luke's awards assembly today at school. He is on the A/B honor roll! And only by 1 B is he not on the all A honor roll!

I have been so proud of him this school year. Luke is an amazingly brilliant kid. Kindergarten and 1st grade were fine for him. Then came 2nd grade. His teacher was a very sweet lady, who did care about him, but just wasn't able to manage a classroom and keep up with all of her kids. Luke fell through the cracks.  Then in 3rd grade, he got a teacher that just really didn't care.  I learned my lesson that year. I will never be more concerned with not offending a teacher than my child's education.  

Luke went from straight A's in 1st and testing for talented and gifted to making some C's in 2nd and 3rd. He is not a kid that fits "in the box" and unfortunately he didn't have teachers for a couple of years who would work with him outside of that box.

In 4th grade, he had an amazing teacher. And thankfully she caught Luke up to where he needed to be in his study skills and and classroom performance.  I was really looking forward to 5th grade. I knew that middle school would be a great thing for Luke and expected him to thrive.  

In 5th grade, the students change classes each period.  But they are eased into it. They start out in homeroom and move as a class to their other periods. I expected the change of pace in the day would be wonderful for Luke. And he does well when given responsibility. 

As expectant as I was, I never could have dreamed how fast things would change for him. He was elected to student council at the beginning of the year and started his term this semester. He finished the 1st 9 weeks with 6 A's an 89 B, and a 79 C. Then 2nd 9 weeks, he got 7 A's and 1 B! His semester averages were 7 A's and a B! It has been such a blessing to this mom's heart to see him thriving and truly enjoying school. But the best thing has been to see him take pride in himself. His self esteem had really taken a beating the past few years and he was beginning to think so negatively about his abilities. But the past few weeks, he has literally come into his own.



  1. Yay! Glad you are blogging again. I fb you about a friend in process for Haiti. Now I can keep up with you this way because I couldn't remember where you were in process!