Sunday, January 6, 2013

Catching Up!

So there's no good excuse for letting the blog go for 8 months, but I'm back. :)  I have wanted to start it up again so many times, but just was overwhelmed with the idea of it. 

With the New Year, comes resolutions. One of mine is to blog again. I want to document our lives for my kids. So they can read about our life when they were little. And so I can remember the little details that time will erase from my memory otherwise.  

And to kick it all off, here's a pictorial recap of the past 8 months!  :)

Starting in May...
Sara went on a field trip to a One Room Schoolhouse. It was so much fun!
Our good friends returned from Kenya!
Sara's "Hooky Day" from school
Luke's "Hooky Day" from school
Hope's "Hooky Day" from school
Poppa had a heart attack. :( Scary, but he is back to normal! Praise the Lord!
Kindergarten Sock Hop

Luke won the Pinewood Derby.
Crossover ceremony
The girls were in a wedding.
Lance was Aerosmith's personal doc at their concert in NWA. SOOOO much fun!

And spent 7 weeks camping at the lake! AMAZING memories!
Happy Father's Day!
Luke learned to ski first. Followed by all the girls!

Hope (6) and Luke (10) had camping Birthdays at the lake! Smores cupcakes. :)
No caption needed. :)

Momma's still got it!
A storm came through and Hope loaded up all that she held dear. (All her birthday presents! Ha!)
Luke went to kids' camp for a week.
Our garden was awesome!
The reason for "living" at the lake.

4th of July!

No words needed

Here either
Cinderella came to Emma's 4th birthday party!
Luke started 5th grade, Sara started 2nd and Hope started 1st

1st day of school dinner at Shogun's. (And mine and Emma's birthday dinner.
Last year of Preschool

Square Dancing!

Square Dancing!

Road trip to Disney World!!!

Magic Kingdom
The transformation...

...into Princesses!!

The whole crew!

Halloween :)

Our dossier arrived in Haiti!!!!!!!! We're waiting for our referral. :)

Luke got his first deer!

And Daddy added 2 more to the freezer. :)
Sara turned 8.



Jingle came back!

We went to a ball!
Christmas caroling with great friends.

My niece turned 1!!!!
And our 1st snow!!!!

 Wow! The memories! So here's to not going 8 months until the next post! :)

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