Friday, January 18, 2013

Just a Day in the Life

Today was a typical day in the Faddis house. Typical in that it did not go as I had planned!

I got an email at 9:30 from Sara's teacher. She had sent it at 8:30. She apologized for the short notice, but wanted to let me know that Sara was getting an award during Colt Stampede. Of course, Colt Stampede started at 9:15. And I was on the couch snuggling with Emma watching Disney Jr. 

I was upset because I go to all the kids awards and parties and field trips. And to know I was just sitting on the couch with Emma (which is one of my favorite parts of each day) made it a difficult pill to swallow. :(

I did jump up and pick up the living room and kitchen, jump in the shower, dress Emma, and run out the door at 10:30 to go pick up Sonic and headed to the school to have lunch with Hope first, then Sara. 

Thankfully, a good friend was at the Stampede and got a picture of Sara for me. :)

My Super Colt! Love that girl!

After school, I picked up the kids and we went to the girls' piano lessons. Luke has guitar on Tues and I so wish we could do this all in one day, but thankfully there is a great lounge room with a tv and vending machines and WiFi where they all take lessons. Makes it soooo much easier on this mom. We spent an hour at lessons and this was Emma's head attire. Her choice, obviously. That crazy girl.

My Laura Ingalls

Then it was home for an hour or so until Lance got off work. I had planned on fixing dinner in that hour, but I just wasn't in the mood to cook. And Lance had a really rough day at work, so we loaded up and went out for Mexican! This is what it's like to go out to eat with my family...
Hope was hamming it up with her fajita. She would not let me get a cute pic of her!

At Luke's urging, Sara ate a jalapeno. God bless her! The pictures get blurry because I was laughing so hard!

Sure, she's smiling now.

Wait a minute. This isn't so funny.
Holy Cow! What have I done!
Then Luke wanted me to take a picture of him so he can see if he can look cross eyed. I told him the first pic was going to be in his yearbook!

And then Emma wanted me to take a picture of her making a silly face. But it turned out more of a "man my hair looks really bad" face. Ha!

Dinner is never an uneventful occurrence in our family. Not by a long shot. :) It's like wrangling squirrels. As crazy as it is, Lance and I get complimented all the time by strangers in restaurants on how well our children behave and what a sweet family we have. Every time, and I mean every time, it happens, we just look at each other and laugh. We feel like all we've done is say, "stop, sit, no, quit, eat, no, sit, stop" the entire meal!


  1. Jennifer, your kids are so cute!
    I have to know the name of that mexican place, because it looks strangely familiar! (My dad used to take me to a "quaint" mexican place in Rogers, I think, but I can't remember the name of it!)

    1. This one is actually a new place in Centerton. But I bet your thinking of Acambaro. Does tha soud familiar?

  2. Yep, Acambaro. Not the ritziest place in town, but it was his favorite! Glad you had a good weekend. I hope your week is off to a good start. :)