Monday, January 21, 2013


I've got nothing profound to say today. No big events. Kids didn't do anything cute. No fun family outing. Lance worked. The kids were off for MLK day. A friend from church and her kids came over for a couple of hours. Her oldest son and her daughter are Luke and Sara's ages.

That was the excitement for the day. But. As the post says. I'm blogging about socks.

I hate them. I can truly identify with the Apostle Paul when he asked the Lord to take the thorn from his flesh. Socks are my thorn. Ugh.

A family of 6 goes through at least 84 socks in 7 days. At least. That doesn't account for kids coming home from school, taking them off, not knowing where they are and putting on another pair if we have to leave the house again.

This was my sock pile when I was folding laundry today...

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