Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All About Luke

So now it's Luke's turn. What can I say about that sweet boy?! There's so much. He's almost finished with 1st grade. I can't believe that. He turns 7 in a month. That is so hard to believe. He has done so good in school this year. He's reading on a 3rd grade level, he's made all A's, he was asked to test for the talented and gifted program (we find out this month if he got in) and everyone at school loves him. Luke has got personality oozing our of every pore. There is never a dull moment with him.

He is so into TV, video games, super heroes, and riding his bike. He asks me every day if we can go out and ride bikes. He is so excited that he can ride on grass now. He can't wait to go out on our land and take his bike with him. And when the weather gets a little better, he'll love riding his horse, too.

He and I have had our struggles this year. He is developing into a boy, not just a little boy and we are finding our way. It hasn't been easy, he's been a little sassy the past few months and had some attitude. If there is one thing that I will not tolerate, it's disobedience and attitude. Unfortunately, he's had both this year. BUT, I do have to say that there is not a funner or more tender hearted boy out there.

He is so special to me. I love his enthusiasm. Whatever he is telling me, it's the most important, coolest thing ever. He gets so excited about everything. And he is such a sweet child. He will be friends with anybody. He does not see any differences in people. I love that about him!

He also has such a heart for the Lord. That is the most important thing and the thing I am most proud of. His prayers are so genuine, "Jesus, you're my best friend. I love you." "Jesus, thank you for all you do for us." Even at 6, almost 7, he allows the scripture to speak to him. One of the best things we can do to correct his behavior is get his Bible out and read verses that apply to whatever his behavior is. It is so amazing to see him, at his young age, allow the scripture to penetrate his heart.

And the boy always has a smile on his face! (unless he's mad at me!) :) He is such a joy, and I couldn't be prouder of him.

He's my firstborn, only son, joyful, spirited, tender hearted, sweet, exciting, funny, Luke Isham!

My Boy!!

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