Monday, May 18, 2009

Proud Momma Day

Today has been one of those days that just makes my heart happy to be a momma. It was MDO for the girls and I went to PT and ran a couple of errands. Emma and I came home and I started to clean up the kitchen. She was getting fussy in the living room so I put her in front of our new screen door and she sat there for 45 minutes watching Jack play. It was so cute! She is so adorable! (and a side note: she is sitting up on her own now! I heard her fussing in the living room and she was on her belly. The next time I looked she was sitting up playing! And my Daddy and Lance both said they've seen the same thing the past couple of days. None of us have actually seen her do it, but I'll get a pic when I catch her!)

She was enthralled

Then my Daddy took me to lunch. After we picked up the girls and had naptime, Luke got home from school. When he got to the door, I took his backpack and looked for his behavior chart. Green card! Woo Hoo! Way to go Luke. He's been getting greens pretty much solid for a month now. And his library book was in his backpack. "The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids" A little back story: during all our landscaping of the backyard, Lance bought 3 pepper plants for the girls to take care of and a tomato plant for Luke to take care of. So when I asked him why he picked that book today, he said, "I wanted to read about gardening." I was so proud of him. Then he asked if he could go water his tomato plant. He can't wait for it to produce some tomatoes. He told me that whenever they are playing in the backyard and want a snack, they can just pick a tomato! He's so adorable.

Luke reading his book before bed

This afternoon, the kids were playing in the backyard. They were having a blast! Jack has figured out how to climb the ladder of the playground. Lance made our playground a couple of years ago and made a big deck area the kids call "the fort." So Sara got Jack to come up the ladder and she and Hope were having a tea party with Jack. It was hysterical!

The Fort Tea Party

And we rounded out the day with dinner on the patio. The kids loved it. We haven't been able to eat out there with the yard in the shape it's been in. So we are looking forward to being able to do it this summer!

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  1. Hi Jennifer, I just connected to your blog through Renae's. Our husbands were OBU friends! I love finding blogs written by people that I have a connection to! :) You children are precious!