Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Backyard Makeover

Today, a good friend took Hope for a playdate so it was just my Dad, Emma, Sara and me. Sara was disappointed that she wasn't able to go. She handled it pretty well, but she did tear up a little. So Dad and I made it a good day for her, too.

Dad is helping me get our backyard in order. It is an absolute mess right now. Our dog has absolutely destroyed it. There are potholes all in the yard. I'm scared one of the kids will disappear in one of them! So Dad is building me a fence to block off the side yard for Jack's area. Then we're going to fill in the potholes, landscape, and build a deck box.

Sara loved being a part of our project today. We first went to Lowe's to buy supplies. She helped Dad load the wood onto the cart and then riding around on it! Then we went to Mom and Dad's house that they are buying and let her look around. Then it was on to Sonic for whatever she wanted for lunch (grilled cheese Wacky Pak with Cherry Sprite!) We came home to eat and then got started on the fence.

Dad is really good about getting the kids involved with helping him on his projects. He let Sara help him build the fence in the front yard and she LOVED it. I told Dad it took me back about 27 or 28 years. When I was a kid, he built a shop/office building at our house. I remember helping him roll out "hog wire" when he was prepping the concrete. That was a fun time for me and has been a great memory. Helping my Daddy build something. Today, Sara was able to make the same kind of memory with him. That is so special to me.

Holding it steady!

Getting screws

Big Helper!

Tomorrow is my All About Sara post. :) This one started out like that, but there was too much other stuff going on I wanted to remember!

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