Thursday, May 14, 2009

All About Sara

My sweet girl, Sara. First, let me say to anyone reading this that doesn't know us. Sara's name is pronounced like car-uh. It is the Aramaic pronunciation of Sarah. Lance had a friend in residency with the name and he loved it. He asked her its origin and she said, it's Abraham's wife. We were wanting something Biblical but different and we knew that Sara was it. It does cause some confusion until people know her, but it's worth it. It is a beautiful name.

Sara is the momma of the group. She is such an amazing little girl. We joke that she is a 24 year old in a 4 year old's body. My Mom has called her an old soul. She is mature beyond her years. I have to remind myself that she is only 4 at times when she is acting like she is. I get so used to her being mature beyond her years that I don't expect her to act like a 4 year old and do the things that 4 year olds do. Friends at church love having her when they take care of extended session. She helps them with all the other kids! It's hysterical!

Speaking of church. I have to write this down. Her Sunday School teacher told me the other day that she had to get on to Sara the other day one of the first times ever. She told Sara that the Bible says to obey your Momma and Daddy and that her Momma and Daddy would want her to obey Mrs. Brenda. Sara looked at her and said, "we don't read the Bible much at our house." Ha! The things kids say!

She is my helper. The Lord knew, in His plan, that when He was going to give me 4 kids, I would need a helper. Sara is it. She loves babies. And she is sooooo good with Emma. When Emma was just days old, Sara held her on the couch for and hour and watched TV. She didn't move. She would say, "Momma, my arm is hurting." and wait for me to hold Emma while she repositioned. She loves to give Emma her bottles and just help take care of her.

The problem with her mothering is that she can have the tendency to be a little bossy! :) With every good personality trait, there is a downside!

Sara is the sweetest thing. The neat thing is, I can look ahead and see Sara being my best friend. She is such a girly girl, which is nothing like me when I was a girl. She was shocked when I told her that I didn't like dolls, make up, dresses or anything like that. It was funny to see her face when we had that talk! But now that I love all that, she is the one that I love to talk to about it! When Lance and I went to a charity ball this past Christmas, I bought my dress and went home to show Sara. She was so excited. And we've gotten a pedicure together before and she keeps bugging me to go get another one. That's on the schedule for this summer!

She is my secondborn, little momma, sweet as can be, helper, loving, flirtatious, baby loving, girly girl, Sara Elizabeth!

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