Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great Neighbors

Sunshine. What is that?!?! We've had rainy weather for almost 3 weeks and today the sun was shining! Yea! We went to church this morning then out to lunch. Then home for naps and after that we were outside. We have spent a lot more time in the front yard this year. The kids are able to ride their bikes, play with sidewalk chalk and play with the kids in the neighborhood. We have 2 sets of neighbors that have become good friends over the past few years. It is such a blessing to have neighbors that you like and do things with. And hopefully we will have a new set of neighbors directly across the street from us soon. The kids and I were out the other day and they were at the house with an inspector. We talked after they inspector left and if everything goes through, they should be closing middle of June. Luke is excited. They have 6 kids between them, but 3 of them live with them. The 2 oldest boys are 8 and almost 6. So Luke will have 2 boys his age right across the street to play with.

It is so much fun to see my kids be their own people. Today our friends across from us had their niece over. She is Luke's age, but she and Sara were playing together in our front yard and then they went over to Brad and Sabrina's backyard to play. They played for an hour together and wanted to do it again. It's so cute to watch my children interact with other kids and adults and see them becoming their own person. What a joy and privilege and awesome responsibility!

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  1. What a lovely day. I am sick of the rain too. Our flowerbeds are floating away. I think we are going to have to haul in some extra dirt to keep them from doing that. :) I hope you have a great, rain free week.