Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer's Almost Here!

Luke still has 7 more days of school left; then it will be summer in the Faddis house! I can't wait! With the days so long now and the kids enjoying playing outside so late, I'm so ready to not have worry about bedtimes. I am so grateful to my Daddy for helping us get the backyard fixed up. It has been so nice for the kids to be able to go outside and not be covered in mud when they come back in. And they are having so much fun playing on the playground. Usually when Lance gets home, he heads to the backdoor to say hi to the kids.
Here are some before and after pics of the backyard.

It's hard to tell in this one, but that's all dirt and holes next to the house.

Looking out the backdoor at the same side of the house.

The finished product. The little plants in the front are the girls' pepper plants. You can see Jack's pen in the back.

Now we're just waiting for the grass to grow over the dirt that we used to fill the pot holes.

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