Friday, May 15, 2009

Lovin' My Daddy!

My Dad has been such a big help to me this week. I am so blessed to have a Daddy that is so hands on with my kids and our life. I went with Luke on a field trip to War Eagle Mill today. It was fun, but I was kinda put out that the tour guides told the kids about the ghosts that are at War Eagle and the ghost busters that had been there. Seriously! They are 1st graders!

On the bus! (1st time for me in 18 years to be on a yellow school bus!)

Luke at the mill

After I got home from the field trip, Daddy and I took the girls to go get mulch to do the flower beds in the backyard. We have been busy today! Dad had worked so hard for us. When Luke got home from school, we went and got the pavers to make the beds. The kids did great and loved being a part of everything. I think we decided to plant a tomato plant and pepper plant in the bed. It's going to be the kids summer project. They will be so excited!

Now, if the rain will just move through tonight so we can finish everything tomorrow!

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