Thursday, February 11, 2010

End of the Journal

It has been such a blessing to be able to share Lance's journal the past few nights. When I read through it the first time, I was in tears. I'm going to try to balance the blog now with the everyday of our lives and the life changing experience that has been Haiti. It is definitely not the end. We know that God has called us to continuing missions in Haiti. Our plan is to both go in late spring when the Port Au Prince airport is open again. I'm really excited! And the ministry that Lance worked with has secured a house for all teams in the future. The kids know that we are both going back the next time. They are fine with it. I assured them that it won't be as long as we were in Thailand and they smiled. (Glad we have their blessing!)

So now is the adjustment back into everyday life, with Haiti being a part of that life. The girls had their Valentine's Parties today at MDO. All three big kids sat at the kitchen table 2 days ago and addressed all their Valentine cards. So cute. Hope wrote her name on all 14 cards by herself! She just sat there and did all of them one at a time. She did better than Luke! Ha! He's a little ADD at times and I kept having to redirect him. Sara, forever the perfectionist, wrote all of her friends names and her name and folded every single one. Good memories.

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  1. what week are you guys going? Your church sent me several weeks but I think I would really want to go when you go