Saturday, February 6, 2010

Haiti Day 3

From Lance's journal

PAP Haiti 30 January 2010

Spent all day in the campground surrounding the church. The thing that was the most striking to me today has been the futility of the situation here. This country is a literal mess and not because they had an earthquake 2 weeks ago. The streets are filled with trash, the smell is overpowering at times; to our American sensitivities it is almost unbelievable. But in all of this, the children still play, the people still smile. They keep clean despite a lack of resources. It is a wonder. The people we saw today have, for the most part, lost something; a house, their lively hood, etc. The people we see tomorrow had nothing to lose in the first place. They live in tin shacks not affected by the quake. The only running water is from the creek that runs beside the group of shacks. This place is unimaginable to most. Part of me almost wishes it still was for me.


  1. Wow! I just can't get my head around it. I am filled with gratitude for our humble abode tonight and that I can tuck my little girl into bed and kiss her goodnight.

  2. I love that God allows our hearts to break over the things that break his. It is through that process that we fall in love with those whom God already loves. Thank you Lord for allowing us to experience the beating of your heart. For helping us love those that other wise might challenge our comfort zone and keep us from being more like you.